For many, memories of Milton Elementary will have as a backdrop a modest yellow and blue structure, just one hallway really, with the most basic classrooms and a "multi purpose"room. Chances are your memories do not focus on its deficiencies, but instead on the feeling of warmth and feeling of family.

If you attended Milton Elementary between 1969 and 1989, then you will realize that this welcoming atmosphere was created, in large part by our custodian, Doug Melanson.
He loved the school and was very proud of the ways the floors gleamed and the sinks sparkled. Before the children arrived Doug had already welcomed the teachers, sharing stories of his family. He loved to laugh and counted among his favourite things a good joke or a funny story- the funnier the tale the bigger the laugh!

His favourite time of day, however, was the early morning arrival of students. He knew them by name, knew which ones were shy and needed a welcoming smile, and which ones needed a reminder about picking up under desks at the end of the day. He was gentle and kind and served as a sort of "grandfather" figure to all. Doug's big heart and big smile drew people to him. He loved Milton Elementary. He was loved at Milton Elementary.

Doug was married to Helen (Thibaullt)) and together they raised two boys: Ron and Greg. Through stories and pictures, he shared his family with his "work family". He retired in 1989 and he and Helen were able to spent time camping, bowling and going to dances.